Modus: is a design concept for a platform and atmosphere that encourages self-generated productive work ethics. It is basically a series of events happening in irregular intervals in different places. For people of all kind of multidisciplinary expertises.
During the project called „Büro für...“ at Kunsthochschule Kassel, supervised by Prof. Oliver Vogt,  students were asked to find new ways of creative working. How does the future office look like?
Motivation is something we all strive for. Productivity is our everyday goal. What makes yourself feel productive? Is it actually based on how many hours you are spending in front of your laptop? Like an object requires momentum in order to move, modus: momentum gives you the chance to move and the chance to experience and see your work from a different point of view.
It is indeed not a magic formula to a successful career. It is an approach on conscious time management, mindfulness and the look beyond all stress and self doubt.

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